You only get one chance to make a first impression — make it unforgettable. When you run an online business, your web presence is the primary face your customer sees. The professionalism, clarity and overall feel of your site defines a large part of your customer’s experience and strongly affects their decision to trust and engage you.

At sherikahenry.com, most days are spent balancing new technologies with fresh ideas to create innovative solutions that bring results to your online business while, at the same time, creating a powerful, memorable and positive connection with your audience.

“great brands innovate…”

They do their homework, forecast trends, interact with customers and build brand loyalty that weathers tough economies. It needs to be meaningful to your stakeholders and consistent across all media channels. Meaningful creativity is my passion…and after all these years of delivering just that, I’d like to believe I’m really good at it. If you ask my clients, I think they’d agree. The tremendous pride I take in every piece of work I do is exactly what keeps my clients coming back.

I am committed to the success of every client, and fully understand that customer satisfaction is still the name of the game. Rest assured you’ve come to the right place for a unique blend of expertise — accessibility with unparalleled customer service, an offering of both design and coding expertise in one tidy package.