Internet Marketing / SEO / SEM

internet marketing / seo / sem

The Internet is the perfect place for any business seeking an effective, fast-paced, future-oriented manner of letting the world know who they are, what services they have to offer and what information they have to share. It is also the most economical way to get your message across.

Therefore, considering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the start of a project and throughout the duration is just common practice for me—so is studying SEO trends and practices in order to boost my clients’ rankings in the search engine results page (SERP).

Of course no guarantee as to SE positioning can be realistically made, but there are a number of methods that I employ to raise a site’s overall search engine ranking.

      • Organic SEO (Google Complaint)
      • Google Analytics
      • Cost Per Click (CPC) Bid Management
      • Local Internet Marketing and SEM
      • Search Engine Friendly Web Design
      • Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management
      • Google Analytics Management
      • Reverse SEO (removing negative press)